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Importing Generic IMS Content Packages to the Blackboard Learning System (WebCT 6+)

You can import generic IMS content packages. First, unzip the package you download, you'll be working with the file with "" at the end of the filename.

The imported packages are added as learning modules to the Learning Modules tool.

  1. Ensure the package is saved in a single zip file on your local computer, on an accessible network drive, in Content Manager, or in File Manager.
  2. Navigate to the Manage Course screen: Under Designer Tools, click Manage Course.
  3. Click Import. The Content Browser pop-up window appears.
  4. Locate and select the zip file you want to import. For more information, see Navigating with Content Browser.
  5. After the content package finishes importing, if you want to view a log that contains details about the import process:

  6. a. Click View Import Log.
    b. When you are finished viewing the import log, click Close.

  7. Click Return.
  8. To go to the imported content:
     a. Under Course Tools, click Learning Modules.
     b. Locate the imported content and click its title. If a title was not specified in the metadata of the imported manifest file, the title of the learning module is Default Title.

You can create links to learning modules on folders in the Course Content tool. For more information, see Linking Learning Modules to Content Folders.