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Paradigm Releases SNAP 365 for Mac-Using Students Learning Office 2013

Paradigm’s latest digital innovation streamlines how Mac-using students
develop skills in Microsoft®
Office 2013.

SNAP 365
ST. PAUL, Minn. (June 23, 2014)
Time-consuming downloads, rising costs of software and the absence of Microsoft® Access  have hindered the learning experience of Mac-using students enrolling in post-secondary courses to develop skills in Microsoft® Office 2013. To help these students access learning tools more quickly, easily and affordably, Paradigm Education Solutions has released SNAP 365, enabling Mac-using students to learn Office 2013 in the live software environment without installing the Office suite and making the learning experience identical to that of students’ using desktop computers or laptops.

Upon receiving a SNAP 365 access code, Mac users enter Paradigm’s SNAP 2013 learning management system, a web-based training and assessment platform for Office 2013 that provides practice and assessment of skills live-in-the-Office-application. This functionality empowers students to test and strengthen their skills in Microsoft® Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Unlike other training systems that rely on software simulations, SNAP allows students to use any and all Microsoft®-approved pathways to complete a task within the Office applications. This flexibility gives students opportunities to use Microsoft® applications through the steps that are most efficient and practical to them.

SNAP supports Paradigm’s Office 2013 textbooks, which include:

Paradigm’s vice president and publisher, Linda Hein, said, “Students are increasingly using Macs in their academic and personal lives. SNAP 365 enables these students to learn and navigate the full suite of Office applications as easily as students who use PCs and is designed to prevent the frustrations associated with exhausting software installations.”

To learn more about SNAP, visit To request a demonstration of SNAP, contact Selena Hicks at or 574-540-9154.

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Selena Hicks
Product Manager
Paradigm Education Solutions