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SNAP Web-Based Training and Assessment 2013

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SNAP 2013 Web-based Training and Assessment (access code via email)
ISBN: 978-0-76385-522-2
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SNAP 2013 Web-based Training and Assessment (access code via mail)
ISBN: 978-0-76385-519-2


SNAP is a revolutionary, web-based training and assessment system that streamlines course-management for instructors and optimizes learning and skill development for students. Going beyond software simulations, SNAP tests and strengthens students’ skills in the actual Microsoft Office applications.

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Instructor Benefits

  • Engage students through a hands-on experience.
  • Empower students with real-world subject matter.
  • Automatically grade assignments, saving time.
  • Respond to survey feedback quickly and easily.
  • Monitor accountability through detailed reporting of student work and results.
  • Use SNAP for different types of courses: instructor-led, distance learning, and blended learning.
  • Determine student readiness for the course.

 Student Benefits

  • Perform any function Microsoft® Office allows through live-in-the-Office-application skill assessments.
  • Explore, practice, and assess methodologies through interactive training tutorials.
  • Develop computer skills and a comprehension of computer concepts.
  • Discover the digital world with innovative computer concept courseware.

SNAP Training and Assessment 2013 Features

Fully Web-Based

  • Access 24/7
  • Automatic online updates

Learning Management System and Customizable Grade Book

  • Create exams and assessments
  • Schedule tutorials
  • Access reports.
  • Customize your grade book

Concept Items

  • Thousands available
  • Create your own items and exams
  • Aligns to chapter content

Training Tutorials

  • Interactive
  • Mirrors textbook instructional methods and language
  • Aligns to chapter content

Skill Items, Multi-Step Grade It Assessments, and Comprehensive Performance Evaluations

  • Live-in-the-Office-application assessments
  • Supports all pathways in Office 2013
  • Automatically scores and uploads to your grade book

Preview SNAP 2013!