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SNAP 2013 Web-Based Training and Assessment

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SNAP 2013 Web-based Training and Assessment (access code via email)
ISBN: 978-0-76385-522-2
Print Edition
SNAP 2013 Web-based Training and Assessment (access code card via ground delivery)
ISBN: 978-0-76385-519-2

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SNAP is a revolutionary, web-based training and assessment system that streamlines course-management for instructors and optimizes learning and skill development for students. Going beyond software simulations, SNAP tests and strengthens students’ skills in the actual Microsoft Office applications. Now an eBook is always included in SNAP!

Attention Mac users: Add SNAP 365 to your SNAP 2013 purchase for an additional $30! Find out more.

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Watch this 2-minute video about SNAP 2013 and discover why it is THE best way to teach Microsoft Office 2013 skills to your learners!

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Instructor Benefits

  • Engage students through a hands-on experience.
  • Empower students with real-world subject matter.
  • Automatically grade assignments, saving time.
  • Respond to survey feedback quickly and easily.
  • Monitor accountability through detailed reporting of student work and results.
  • Use SNAP for different types of courses: instructor-led, distance learning, and blended learning.
  • Determine student readiness for the course.

 Student Benefits

  • Perform any function Microsoft® Office allows through live-in-the-Office-application skill assessments.
  • Explore, practice, and assess methodologies through interactive training tutorials.
  • Develop computer skills and a comprehension of computer concepts.
  • Discover the digital world with innovative computer concept courseware.

SNAP Training and Assessment 2013 Features

Fully Web-Based

  • Access 24/7
  • Automatic online updates

Learning Management System and Customizable Grade Book

  • Create exams and assessments
  • Schedule tutorials
  • Access reports.
  • Customize your grade book

Concept Items

  • Thousands available
  • Create your own items and exams
  • Aligns to chapter content

Training Tutorials

  • Interactive
  • Mirrors textbook instructional methods and language
  • Aligns to chapter content

Skill Items, Multi-Step Grade It Assessments, and Comprehensive Performance Evaluations

  • Live-in-the-Office-application assessments
  • Supports all pathways in Office 2013
  • Automatically scores and uploads to your grade book

Preview SNAP 2013!


Add'l Package Options

Availability: In stock

Format Product Name Price Qty
SNAP 2013 with Microsoft Office 2013 180-day trial (codes via email)
ISBN: 978-0-76385-679-3
SNAP 2013 with Microsoft Office 2013 180-day trial (codes via mail)
ISBN: 978-0-76385-678-6
SNAP 2013 and SNAP 365 Code Package (codes via email)
ISBN: 978-0-76386-383-8
SNAP 2013 and SNAP 365 Code Package (codes via mail)
ISBN: 978-0-76386-382-1
Customer Testimonials
  • “My students are learning Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to a much deeper level than I could ever do without SNAP. SNAP makes the students streamline steps and complete tasks in a correct way.” - Madlyn Huber, Bridgerland Applied Technology College

  • “I love being 'SNAP Happy!” - Tamara Kessler, Independence Community College

  • "Your Tech Support is what has made me such a fan of EMCP!" - Anne M. Sain, Community College Dyersburg

  • “SNAP offers more than enough resources and allows the teacher to pick and choose what he/she desires.” - Becky Davis, Wallace Community College

  • Technical support is a team of well-trained people with customer service being a top priority for them. This is consistent across the board, no matter who you speak to.” - Anonymous

  • “My Word students are creating documents  faster and that are cleaner than before." - Madlyn Huber, Bridgerland ATC

  • Students often have outdated computers at home, and Tech Support is excellent at troubleshooting their problems and recommending solutions." - Kathy Singleton, Southwest TN Community College

  • "Students like the ease of using it as well as immediately knowing their grade." - Anne M. Sain, Community College Dyersburg

  • "We chose SNAP because we saw quality and great delivery of content for our individualized instruction methodology.” - Anonymous

  • “Paradigm has the finest Customer Service Department I have ever dealt with. I would highly recommend this product.” - Maureen Jackson, Tennessee College of Applied Technology

  • "Our students enjoy SNAP, because they can remediate and practice skills they may have trouble with. Also they get immediate feedback to know when they have mastered tasks." - Anonymous

  • “Technical support is outstanding. Everyone is knowledgeable, professional, responsive and thorough. - Anonymous

  • "Students' skills and concepts have increased positively." -Scheree A. Datcher, Shelton State Community College

  • "SNAP can grade skills that a final hard copy cannot evaluate." - Beth Bower, JWCC

  • "It also teaches students to pay close attention to detail and accuracy which are key skills employers are looking for when they hire employees".- Beth Bower, JWCC

  • "It gives me the opportunity to work one-on-one with students while the rest of the class progresses at their own rate." - Anne M. Sain, Community College Dyersburg