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Paradigm launches demos to explore SNAP 2016’s
real-time analytics and live assessments

Program includes powerful tools and content to build students’ skills in Microsoft® Office 2016

ST. PAUL, Minn. (January 25, 2016) – To help instructors teach the Microsoft Office skills critical for student workforce readiness, Paradigm Education Solutions debuts its SNAP 2016 training and assessment program. Instructors and colleges can now schedule demos of the newly designed SNAP 2016, which will be available for the 2016 academic year.

SNAP 2016 offers content and tools for teaching and learning the Microsoft Office application skills required by today’s employers. The Web-based program features automated reporting tools that give instructors feedback about student performance, including grades and time on task. Updated interactive tutorials and live assessments encourage student success through hands-on learning.

“By partnering with innovative technology leaders, our team has produced a truly differentiated product that will deliver tremendous value for our customers,” said Linda Hein, senior vice president of Paradigm Education Solutions. “Insights from extensive user testing were incorporated into the new SNAP 2016, ensuring a positive and easy user experience for both students and instructors.”

During each demo, instructors can explore SNAP and experience how students will interact with the program. Each tour of SNAP includes:

  • Instructor tools and dashboards: Real-time analytics and streamlined dashboards deliver student performance metrics at a glance. Course builders, calendars for assignments and automated grading save time.

  • Live assessments: Students demonstrate skills live in Office applications, not simulated environments. Location-specific performance feedback helps students and instructors understand challenges and where additional support may be needed.

  • Interactive tutorials: Students learn Office skills through SNAP’s interactive tutorials, which provide a hands-on learning experience to boost skill retention. These tutorials feature simplified step-by-step instructions that move students through lessons.

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