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Pharmacy Labs for Technicians

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Pharmacy Labs for Technicians - Text with Simulation Software CD
ISBN: 978-0-76383-486-9

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Pages: 324 | Copyright: 2010

Author(s): Jason Sparks and Lisa McCartney


Pharmacy Labs for Technicians teaches students detailed lab procedures and skills using hands-on practice. Included are 32 labs that teach administrative and clinical procedures such as using pharmacy reference texts, filling prescriptions, compounding medications, and preparing sterile intravenous products.

  • Essential background and context with each lab reinforces learning by helping students understand the reasons for protocols.
  • CD packaged with text offers realistic practice using a simulation of the NRx pharmacy management software by QS/1 - the most widely used product on the market.

Table of Contents
Unit 1. Drug References.
1. Using Drug Facts and Comparisons.
2. Using the United States Pharmacopoeia Drug Information.
3. Using the Red Book.
Unit 2. Community Pharmacy Practice.
4. Reviewing a Patient Profile.
5. Reviewing a Prescription Form.
6. Reviewing a Filled Prescription.
7. Entering Patient Data.
8. Processing a Prescription.
9. Processing a Refill.
10. Obtaining Refill Authorization.
11. Processing Third-Party Claims.
12. Verifying Cash Pricing.
13. Producing an Audit Log.
Unit 3. Institutional Pharmacy Practice.
14. Filling a Twenty-Four Hour Medication Cart.
15. Filling and Checking Floor Stock.
16. Filling and Recording Narcotic Floor Stock.
17. Preparing Oral Syringes.
18. Charging and Refilling a Crash Cart.
19. Filling an Automated Drug Storage and Dispensing System.
Unit 4. Non-sterile Compounding.
20. Reconstituting Powders.
21. Filling Capsules.
22. Creating Suspensions from Tablets.
23. Creating Suspensions from Capsules.
24. Preparing Creams, Ointments, Gels, and Pastes.
25. Making Lozenges.
Unit 5. Aseptic Technique.
26. Aseptic Hand Washing.
27. Garbing According to USP 797 Standards.
28. Hood Cleaning.
29. Preparing Large-Volume Parenterals.
30. Preparing Small-Volume Parenterals.
31. Preparing Sterile Powder Drug Vials.
32. Using Ampules.