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Pharmacy Labs for Technicians, Third Edition, with Course Navigator

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Print Edition
Pharmacy Labs for Technicians - Third Edition - Text and eBook (1-year access) and COURSE NAVIGATOR (codes via ground delivery)
ISBN: 978-0-76387-730-9
eBook Edition
Pharmacy Labs for Technicians - Third Edition - eBook (1-year access) and COURSE NAVIGATOR (codes via email)
ISBN: 978-0-76387-732-3
eBook Edition
Pharmacy Labs for Technicians - Third Edition - eBook (1-year access) and COURSE NAVIGATOR (codes via ground delivery)
ISBN: 978-0-76387-731-6

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Pages: 372 | Copyright: 2017

Author(s): Jason Sparks and Lisa McCartney


Suitable for a stand-alone pharmacy lab course or for the lab portion of a pharmacy practice course, Pharmacy Labs for Technicians teaches students detailed lab procedures and skills using hands-on practice. Students learn both administrative and clinical procedures like filling prescriptions, compounding medications, and preparing sterile intravenous products.

New to the 3rd edition:

  • All new, web-based guided NRx tutorials and live assessments (based on QS/1’s nationally recognized pharmacy management software) give students realistic practice.  Available on the Course Navigator.
  • Five new labs align to updated model curriculum.

Learn more about the Course Navigator!

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Unit 1. Essential Pharmacy Skills
1. Using Reference Materials in Pharmacy Practice
2. Customer Service and Processing Payments at the Cash Register
Unit 2. Community Pharmacy Practice
3. Validating DEA Numbers
4. Inventory Management5. Reviewing a Patient Profile
5. Reviewing a Patient Profile
6. Reviewing a Prescription Form
7. Reviewing a Filled Prescription
8. Entering Patient Data
9. Processing a Prescription
10. Processing a Refill
11. Obtaining Refill Authorization
12. Processing Third-Party Claims
13. Verifying Cash Pricing
14. Producing an Audit Log
15. Medication Therapy Management

Unit 3. Institutional Pharmacy Practice
16. Filling a 24-Hour Medication Cart
17. Filling and Checking Floor Stock
18. Filling and Recording Controlled Substances Floor Stock
19. Preparing Oral Syringes
20. Charging and Refilling a Crash Cart
21. Filling an Automated Drug Storage and Dispensing System
22. Medication Reconciliation

Unit 4. NonSterile Extemporaneous Compounding
23. Reconstituting Powders
24. Filling Capsules
25. Preparing Suspensions from Tablets
26. Preparing Suspensions from Capsules
27. Preparing Creams, Ointments, Gels, and Pastes
28. Preparing Lozenges

Unit 5. Aseptic Technique
 29. Garbing According to USP Chapter <797> Standards
30. Aseptic Hand Washing
31. Hood Cleaning
32. Preparing Large-Volume Parenteral Solutions
33. Preparing Small-Volume Parenteral Solutions
34. Preparing Sterile Powder Drug Vials
35. Using Ampules