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Pharmacology Essentials for Allied Health with Navigator+

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Print Edition
Pharmacology Essentials for Allied Health - Text and eBook (one-year access) and NAVIGATOR+
ISBN: 978-0-76388-430-7
eBook Edition
Pharmacology Essentials for Allied Health - eBook (1-year online access) and NAVIGATOR+ (codes via ground delivery)
ISBN: 978-0-76388-431-4
eBook Edition
Pharmacology Essentials for Allied Health - eBook (1-year online access) and NAVIGATOR+ (codes via email)
ISBN: 978-0-76388-060-6

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Pages: 960 | Copyright: 2017

Author(s): Jennifer Danielson; Jill Marquis; and Skye McKennon


Pharmacology Essentials for Allied Health covers the full range of pharmacology concepts at the need-to-know level. Content is organized by major body system to help students understand the connections between particular body systems and drug therapy.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides essential content for students in a variety of allied health programs, including medical assisting courses.

  • Teaches students about the major diseases and illnesses that originate in or affect body systems, along with the specific drug therapies used in their treatments.

  • Features colorful, accurate photos, illustrations, and tables to enhance students’ understanding of body systems, anatomic structures, medical disorders, medications, and auxiliary drug labels.

  • Enhances students’ ability to enter the workforce and advance in their jobs through integrated tips and information on career preparation, professionalism, and soft skills.

  • Offers objective-based and performance-based assessments to gauge students’ knowledge.

  • The inclusion of Chapter 4: The Allied Health Professional provides an overview that defines the allied health professional; discusses the role of the allied health professional as a healthcare team member; addresses the personal and professional qualities of an allied health professional; and discusses the education, licensing, and responsibilities of an allied health professional.


Table of Contents

Unit 1. Pharmacology Overview

1. Introduction to Pharmacology
2. Pharmaceutical Development
3. Medications and the Body

Unit 2. Pharmacology in the Practice Setting

4. The Allied Health Professional
5. Prescriptions and Medication Orders
6. Pharmacy Measurements and Calculations
7. Medication Safety
8. Pharmacy Laws and Regulations

Unit 3. Pharmacotherapy for the Integumentary, Skeletal, and Muscular Systems

9. The Integumentary System and Drug Therapy
10. The Skeletal System and Drug Therapy
11. The Muscular System and Drug Therapy

Unit 4. Pharmacotherapy for the Nervous and Sensory Systems

12. The Nervous System and Drug Therapy
13. The Nervous System and Drug Therapy for Psychiatric and Mood Disorders
14. The Sensory System and Drug Therapy

Unit 5. Pharmacotherapy for the Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

15. The Cardiovascular System and Drug Therapy
16. The Blood and Drug Therapy
17. The Respiratory System and Drug Therapy

Unit 6. Pharmacotherapy for the Gastrointestinal and Endocrine Systems

18. The Gastrointestinal System and Drug Therapy
19. Nutrition and Drugs for Metabolism
20. The Endocrine System and Drug Therapy

Unit 7. Pharmacotherapy for the Genitourinary System

21. The Reproductive Systems and Drug Therapy
22. The Renal System and Drug Therapy

Unit 8. Pharmacotherapy for the Immune System

23. The Immune System and Infectious Disease Therapy
24. Acquired Immunity and Autoimmune Disorders

Unit 9. Pharmacotherapy for Multi-Systems

25. Drugs for Pain and Anesthesia
26. Fluids and Electrolytes
27. Cancer and Chemotherapy

Unit 10. Pharmacotherapy for Special Patient Populations

28. Pediatric Patients and Drug Therapy
29. Geriatric Patients and Drug Therapy