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Paradigm Releases In-Demand EHR Course Solution

Paradigm integrates print and digital tools to create an innovative course solution for post-secondary programs teaching students about electronic health records

EHRST. PAUL, Minn. (June 23, 2014)
As the United States enters a new era of healthcare—one that requires providers to use electronic health records (EHRs) to improve healthcare delivery—college health careers programs are under pressure to educate students in all areas of EHRs. Students must be prepared to fulfill employers’ expectations and overcome transitional challenges on the job. At this pivotal point in health education, Paradigm Education Solutions has released Exploring Electronic Health Records, a complete course solution that includes an engaging, approachable textbook and innovative software to give students more comprehensive EHR training than ever.

Paradigm’s vice president and publisher, Linda Hein, said, “After speaking with instructors across the nation, we discovered a lot of frustration with the EHR course solutions that have been available. Instructors were concerned that textbooks were too dense and overwhelming for students, while the software was often inoperable and too limited in their scope of EHRs across different types of healthcare facilities. With Exploring Electronic Health Records, we provide postsecondary programs with a new solution—one that will better prepare and engage their students, while giving them a thorough understanding of what real EHR systems are like.”

Exploring Electronic Health Records teaches students about EHRs across a variety of delivery systems, making it ideal for all allied health students, regardless of their career focus. The textbook includes vibrant, colorful images to engage visual learners and a clean, easy-to-navigate page layout to keep students on track.

Co-authors Dr. Karen Lankisch and Darline Foltz, Registered Health Information Administrators and professors at the University of Cincinnati—Clermont College, leveraged their industry and academia experience when writing the textbook to educate students about the essential EHR concepts needed to achieve certification and become valuable employees.

The Exploring Electronic Health Records textbook is paired with Paradigm’s innovative new learning platform, the Course Navigator. This Web-based learning management system strengthens students’ understanding of core content through quizzes, interactive tutorials, live assessments and flash cards. Instructors can assess students’ work, track progress, download results and more using this time-saving system.

The Course Navigator includes access to the EHR Navigator, a live, Web-based application that replicates an authentic EHR system, preparing students for work across different types of healthcare facilities. Students have the benefit of realistic practice in all areas of EHRs, including inpatient, outpatient and personal health records activities. Using the EHR Navigator, students get ample practice and testing opportunities, including adding and scheduling patient appointments, entering clinical data into patient charts, coding and e-prescribing.

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