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Paradigm and Crux collaborate to build students’ skills in Microsoft Office 2016

ST. PAUL, Minn. (January 6, 2016) – Paradigm Education Solutions, a leading provider of educational content and software for the postsecondary market, partnered with Crux Collaborative to enrich the user experience in SNAP 2016, Paradigm’s training and assessment platform for teaching and learning Microsoft® Office applications. Crux Collaborative is a user-experience consulting firm that facilitated the evolution of SNAP’s interactive tutorials, implementing a hands-on learning approach that will strengthen students’ skills in Microsoft’s new 2016 applications.

“Understanding how to use Office applications effectively and efficiently is essential for anyone entering the job market or employed in today’s technology-dependent work world,” said Linda Hein, senior vice president of Paradigm. “SNAP 2016 is the training solution that empowers students to achieve those in-demand skills and meet future employers’ expectations. Through our work with Crux Collaborative, we have made SNAP’s tutorials more interactive and engaging, so students develop skills more quickly and retain them long after they have completed their applications courses.”

In addition to the interactive tutorials, SNAP 2016 delivers:

  • Live assessments: Students demonstrate skills directly in the live Office applications through SNAP’s assessments.
  • Integrated adaptive learning module: This module tracks results, empowering instructors and students to identify challenging concepts and personalize learning to master necessary skills.
  • Real-time analytics: Tools include in-document, location-specific feedback; automatic grading; and performance metrics by student, section and course. These insights help instructors determine if a student needs additional support.

Demonstrations of SNAP 2016 will be available in January 2016. For more information and full specifications, visit

About Paradigm Education Solutions

As part of New Mountain Learning, Paradigm is one of the nation’s leading post-secondary providers of print and digital learning solutions in computer technology, health careers, accounting and business technology. Paradigm is committed to providing educators with the solutions needed to build and deliver successful courses and preparing students for success in the classroom, at work and in life.

About Crux Collaborative

Crux Collaborative is a user-experience consulting firm based in Minneapolis. For more than a decade, they have designed applications, products and websites people use to complete critical tasks in their work and lives.


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