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Job Savvy, Sixth Edition

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Pages: 256 | Copyright: 2019

Author(s): LaVerne L. Ludden, EdD


Now available in print or online!

Job Savvy helps people develop the critical skills needed to survive and get ahead in today’s workplace. Based on research into what employers need and value in employees, this workbook helps readers build job survival skills, increase productivity, and improve job satisfaction and success. Job Savvy focuses on job skills identified as essential in the U.S. Department of Labor’s SCANS (Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills) report.

The workbook’s numerous activities show readers how to be ready for the workplace and improve their basic job skills. The narrative is easy to read; informative; and features several examples, checklists, worksheets, and summaries.

With this workbook, readers will learn all about the expectations of employers. Content addresses punctuality and attendance; dressing and grooming; first impressions; supervisor, co-worker, and customer relationships; problem solving; ethics; workplace communication; technology and trends in the workplace; performance reviews; promotions; and more.

In addition, new content for the fifth edition discusses social networking websites. Readers will learn about the implications of revealing personal information online and the need to be cautious when discussing work issues, co-workers, and clients on these sites. They’ll also discover how to use online networks like LinkedIn to get ahead in their career.

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Now individuals can complete Job Savvy online anytime, anywhere, and on any device!

This interactive online workbook allows individuals to bookmark pages, highlight key concepts, and type answers directly into the workbook. All answers and activities are saved for later review. In addition to being convenient and easy to use, this online workbook will also help individuals develop their computer skills.

Table of Contents

1. Your Employment Relationship
2. Avoiding the New-Job Blues
3. Making a Good Impression
4. Being There ...On Time!
5. Communicating in the Workplace
6. Learning: What It’s All About
7. Knowing Yourself
8. Getting Along with Your Supervisor
9. Getting Along with Co-Workers
10. Meeting the Customer’s Expectations
11. Problem-Solving Skills
12. Doing the Right Thing
13. Getting Ahead on the Job