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Paradigm Keyboarding: Sessions 1-30 Seventh Edition

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Print Edition
Paradigm Keyboarding 7e Sessions 1-30 - text and eBook (12-month access) and Online Lab
ISBN: 978-0-76387-823-8
eBook Edition
Paradigm Keyboarding 7e: Sessions 1-30 - eBook (12-month access) and Online Lab (codes via email)
ISBN: 978-0-76387-825-2
eBook Edition
Paradigm Keyboarding 7e: Sessions 1-30 - eBook (12-month access) and Online Lab (codes via ground delivery)
ISBN: 978-0-76387-824-5

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Pages: 167 | Copyright: 2018

Author(s): Mitchell, Roggenkamp, King, Kapper


Paradigm Keyboarding, Seventh Edition!

In the Sessions 1-30 text, students are drilled on new keys and move from keying letters to words to sentences.

  • Keyboarding skills are introduced, developed, and continually reinforced.
  • Correct finger positioning, speed, and accuracy are emphasized with key drills, speed drills, and positional reinforcement drills.
  • 1-minute, 3-minute, and 5-minute timings build speed and assess student progress.
  • Pretest timings provide measure of student readiness for coursework and posttest timings measure student keyboarding success.
  • Thinking drills and writing assignments develop critical thinking skills and keyboard composition skills.

The Online Lab using Word 2016 is Paradigm’s totally web-based learning management system that lets you easily deliver keyboarding courses, track student performance, and communicate with your students!

  • Provides immediate feedback on speed and accuracy for all timings and production documents.
  • Includes videos that demonstrate proper finger positioning.
  • Incorporates diagnostic software that identifies keys that students struggle with and provides additional practice.
  • Includes a new gradebook for assigning, grading, tracking student progress, and downloading results.

The Online Lab allows you to customize your course! You decide which sessions you want to teach and when to teach them.

Table of Contents

Unit 1. Alphabetic Keys.
Unit 2. Number Row Keys.
Unit 3. Punctuation and Symbol Keys.
Unit 4. Numeric Keys.
Unit 5. Thinking and Composing at the Keyboard.